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Introduction (plus Megan/Drake "Flowers for who?")

Hi, I'd just like to introduce myself. I'm a_wa; the Quogan/Loliver (Quinn/Logan (Zoey 101), Lilly/Oliver (Hannah Montana)) obsessor. *laughs* ;)

Anyway, here are my answers to your little survey:

a). What is your favorite Drake and Josh Episode? Oooh, tough one. Umm... maybe Mindy's back. "Maybe I've liked you for a long time and never realized it 'cuz I hated you so much." *laughs* Or maybe Mindy Loves Josh. Or Who's Got Game. I really think Carly had an affect on Drake. Yeah, those are all my favorite episodes. I couldn't choose just 1.
b). Who is you Favorite Drake or Josh? Why? Josh, because he and Mindy have real love, unlike Drake who just picks random girls to kiss. Plus Josh is smarter and pays more attention in class.

And now; here's a Drake/Megan story I wrote:

Title: Flowers for who?
Rating: 13+
Fandom: Drake and Josh
Pairing: Drake/Megan
Genre: Romance
Time Frame: none specific
Summary: Drake gets a new girlfriend named Lisa but when he sees her kissing somebody else, they break up. Now though, who are the flowers he picked for?
Disclaimer: I don't own Drake and Josh.
Author's Note: This is a little oneshot that I came up with today. It's kind of out of character for Megan, but it's quite romantic.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 151 according to Word.

(Who are the Flowers for?)

P.S. I heard there's a new Drake and Josh movie coming in this December.
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