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22 Drake and Josh icons for you!

I made some Drake and Josh icons from buyo105's screencaps from last night's Drake vs. Josh Weekend Hosting.

I have two rules:
One. Credit me AND buyo105 and DO NOT STEAL.
Two. Have fun!

Warning: Curse words. I don't know if anyone really cares, just thought I'd let you know.


The first two have white borders.

The rest all have white borders. If you want another colour border. Just ask. :]

OH! I forgot to do this update:

1. My favourite episode of Drake and Josh is "Josh is Done" (I think?) because I've never seen Josh just drop Drake like that and see Drake saying, "I need you more than you need me." That episode actually made me cry. D:
2. I like Josh more because he's so adorable and chubby (well not anymore, but he's still hot)! :D
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