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What If [11 Feb 2010|12:17pm]

Title: What If
Rating: R
Pairing: Drake/Josh
Warnings: Slash, sexual situations, vague mention of drug use.
Disclaimer: Drake and Josh does not belong to me.
Summary: Drake and Josh's relationship takes a completely different turn when Drake is drugged at a party and Josh is left to take care of him.
Author's Note: I have watched Drake and Josh for years since I was a kid before this couple occurred to me, and I had to write something about them! At the moment, this stands as a one-shot, though I may continue it at some point.

( What If )
<3 Drake and Josh

Selling Drake Bell Tote Bag [01 Oct 2009|09:47pm]

Hi! I'm selling a black Drake Bell Tote Bag at my journal quincypower. Click images for larger pictures.

Photobucket Photobucket

Black Cotton Drake Bell Tote Bag • New • $12.99

Thought maybe someone here would be interested. Thanks for looking!
<3 Drake and Josh

[25 Sep 2009|02:27pm]

Title: Lie To Me [1/?]
Characters: Walter, Drake, Josh
Pairing: None
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Abuse, Cutting
Summary: Walter starts drinking and shows a totally different side of himself, but only Drake sees it.
A/N: A story I wrote back in 2005, that I've now edited. It was inspired by the Dune Buggy episode where Walter pulls Drake off the couch saying "I'm not gonna hurt you!" Yeah...I've got a twisted mind ;-)
<3 Drake and Josh

[24 Sep 2009|01:29am]

Title: Breathe
Characters: Drake, Josh
Pairings (if any): none
Rating: PG
Summary: He could barely get out a whisper, much less yell for help.
A/N: This was written back in 2007 (I believe), but it's the only story I've written where I don't cringe at every line. Therefore I'm posting it.
<3 Drake and Josh

Selling Drake Bell Tote Bag [24 Aug 2009|10:09pm]

Hi everyone! I read the rules, and it didn't say I couldn't post something like this. However, if need be, I can take it down, no problem. ^_^

I just wanted to let you know that I'm selling a Drake Bell Tote Bag (among other things) and thought that maybe someone here would be interested. It's never been used and looks great. Here's some info:

Photobucket Photobucket

Black Cotton Drake Bell Tote Bag • New • $12.99

If you're interested, please head on over to my page and let me know. I only accept PayPal, however, I ship all over the world. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
<3 Drake and Josh

18 Drake & Josh Anis [21 Aug 2009|04:55pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

{18} Drake & Josh ~ [Epi 01x03]

(You're purty too)
<3 Drake and Josh

31 Animations + 3 Icons [11 Jul 2009|05:44pm]


{31} Drake & Josh ~ [Epi 1x01 + 1x02]
{3} Drake Bell

(Hug Me, Brother!!)

<3 Drake and Josh

Picspam: Amanda Show [10 Nov 2008|02:03pm]


Hey guys, I've just done up a picspam on The Amanda Show with copious amounts of Drake and Josh when they were on the show, so if you guys want to check it out, have some laughs, indulge in nostalgia, come on down!

Follow The Fake-Cut!
<3 Drake and Josh

drake icons [08 Nov 2008|09:51pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

NEW NEW NEW!!! Yes totally new icons :P

+ 33 Drake Bell icons
+ 06 Drake & Josh icons

(More? Click Here!)

- Credit back to me if you are using them.
- You can add text, brushes, textures etc. in the icon (but you have to credit me also)
- Tell me if you are using some icons.. and please tell were you are using them :)
<3 Drake and Josh

Introduction (plus Megan/Drake "Flowers for who?") [24 Sep 2008|05:48pm]

Hi, I'd just like to introduce myself. I'm a_wa; the Quogan/Loliver (Quinn/Logan (Zoey 101), Lilly/Oliver (Hannah Montana)) obsessor. *laughs* ;)

Anyway, here are my answers to your little survey:

a). What is your favorite Drake and Josh Episode? Oooh, tough one. Umm... maybe Mindy's back. "Maybe I've liked you for a long time and never realized it 'cuz I hated you so much." *laughs* Or maybe Mindy Loves Josh. Or Who's Got Game. I really think Carly had an affect on Drake. Yeah, those are all my favorite episodes. I couldn't choose just 1.
b). Who is you Favorite Drake or Josh? Why? Josh, because he and Mindy have real love, unlike Drake who just picks random girls to kiss. Plus Josh is smarter and pays more attention in class.

And now; here's a Drake/Megan story I wrote:

Title: Flowers for who?
Rating: 13+
Fandom: Drake and Josh
Pairing: Drake/Megan
Genre: Romance
Time Frame: none specific
Summary: Drake gets a new girlfriend named Lisa but when he sees her kissing somebody else, they break up. Now though, who are the flowers he picked for?
Disclaimer: I don't own Drake and Josh.
Author's Note: This is a little oneshot that I came up with today. It's kind of out of character for Megan, but it's quite romantic.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 151 according to Word.

(Who are the Flowers for?)

P.S. I heard there's a new Drake and Josh movie coming in this December.
<3 Drake and Josh

College the Movie! [17 Aug 2008|09:12pm]


Welcome to College!Collapse )
<3 Drake and Josh

[31 Jan 2008|05:31pm]

<3 Drake and Josh

VOTE FOR DRAKE! [17 Dec 2007|07:37pm]


Tonight's the last night of voting, and DRAKE IS BEHIND! VOTE 20 TIMES! TELL YOUR FRIENDS! DRAKE MUST WIN!
<3 Drake and Josh

Interview With Miranda Cosgrove [06 Aug 2007|11:25pm]

Recently my online magazine interviewed Miranda Cosgrove about her new show "iCarly" and her time on "Drake and Josh." If you'd like to check out her interview please click on this link below:


If you'd like to take a listen to her interview you can click this link:


Feel free to let us know what you think! If you know of any good places to post these links go ahead and do so. However, we do not let anyone take or post any content or clips from our interviews.
<3 Drake and Josh

22 Drake and Josh icons for you! [05 Aug 2007|08:06pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I made some Drake and Josh icons from buyo105's screencaps from last night's Drake vs. Josh Weekend Hosting.

I have two rules:
One. Credit me AND buyo105 and DO NOT STEAL.
Two. Have fun!

Warning: Curse words. I don't know if anyone really cares, just thought I'd let you know.


HUG ME BROTHA!Collapse )

OH! I forgot to do this update:

1. My favourite episode of Drake and Josh is "Josh is Done" (I think?) because I've never seen Josh just drop Drake like that and see Drake saying, "I need you more than you need me." That episode actually made me cry. D:
2. I like Josh more because he's so adorable and chubby (well not anymore, but he's still hot)! :D

1 <3 Drake and Josh

[23 Jun 2007|08:17pm]

Anyone interested in roleplaying? Then come check us out on greatestjournal.com at Sexcellent_Sky. We've been trying to find more active players to join us. Basically you can be any character you want to be (celeb, family or friend of celeb, or someone completely made up), and you pretty much can do whatever you want to do.
<3 Drake and Josh

[13 May 2007|02:34pm]

1-17 ; drake and josh ; josh is done
18-31 ; jensen ackles ; various photoshoots
32-41 ; roswell ; pilot
42-52 ; tyler hilton

all here
<3 Drake and Josh

Drake icons [20 Mar 2007|07:43am]

{08} Drake Bell
{12} Gerard Way (mostly from My Chemical Romance's music video for "I Don't Love You")


The rest can be found here at kookicon ! ;-)
<3 Drake and Josh

the lost guitar tapes podcast [16 Feb 2007|06:48pm]

hey everyone!

i dont know if everyone on here knows about the behind-the-scenes podcasts of drake and josh on itunes.... but i just watched the one titled "the lost guitar tapes" and it has drake giving an acoustic performance...

but ive never heard of the song he is singing...

does anyone know what its called? and does anyone have an mp3 of it? i dont have an ipod (i have a creative zen micro) so i can only watch it through itunes...

lyrics under cutCollapse )
3 <3 Drake and Josh

Drake Bell [28 Dec 2006|12:45pm]


(+7) @ foamfingericons Please join/friend if you like what you see! :)
<3 Drake and Josh

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